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The Mezzanine Guy offers four types of Stairs: Welded Stairs, Knockdown Stairs, Modular Stairs, and Stair Landings

Welded Stairs

Custom, structural fully welded steel stairways are available to fit existing, new, or freestanding mezzanine installations

Modular Stairs

The JiffyStair™ Modular Stair System seeks to provide a quality stair system with quick turnaround. Its exclusive product packaging fits all components on a standard pallet for cost-effective freight

Knockdown Stairs

The Knock-Down Stair system that can be easily assembled on the job site and installed in virtually any facility, including those where space is limited.

Stair Landings

To increase safety and achieve the operational efficiency you desire from your system. We design and manufacture a wide range of products and accessories that can be easily integrated with your mezzanine stair system.

Types Of Flooring

The Mezzanine Guy offers four types of Flooring: Composite Resin Board, Open Steel Bar Grating, Diamond Plate, and Open Steel Planking.

Composite Resin Board

Our most popular flooring option features resin board over steel decking and comes in a variety of grades. This flooring comes in a variety of finishes and is a more ideal solution than plywood.

Open Steel Bar Grating

Our second most popular flooring option features heavy duty steel bar grating with an open design for easy cleaning and more lighting. This flooring option may not require a below mezzanine sprinklers. The open design is not ideal for pallet jacks or other carts as it is bumpy and loud.

Diamond Plate

This flooring option comes in either steel or aluminum. This flooring option is heavy duty and will last for the life of your facility. However, this option is more expensive and is not a perfectly smooth finish.

One Steel Planking

This flooring option features an open format, allowing dust and light to pass through, and may not require the use of sprinklers below the mezzanine. This configuration is also resistant to ruse. However, this flooring has a maximum support of 125psf.

Types of Gating

The Mezzanine Guy offers 4 different turnkey gating solutions

Impact Gate

Our Impact Gate is the ideal solution for loading and unloading pallets on your mezzanine. Built to be durable and safe this gate requires no personnel to open or close and is ready for everyday use.

Swing Gate

Our Swing Gate is the safe and reliable solution to loading and unloading a variety of materials from your mezzanine. This gate is bi-parting and latched via a slide lock and barrel bolt.

Slide Gates

Our Slide Gate offers a variety of operating controls: remote control, stationary control, and hanging pendant. This gate can be monitored from a distance for safe and easy use.

Lift-Out Gate

Our Lift-Out Gate allows for maximum utilization of your mezzanine. This gate comes equipped with kick-plate for safety and utilizes the least amount of space of any of our gates.

Types Of Handrails

The Mezzanine Guy offers 3 handrail solutions

Welded Mesh

Wire Mesh is the ideal solution for mezzanines that are intended for public use.

Post Height:

Rail Height:

Wired Mesh Size:
2in. X 2in.

2 Rail With Kick Plate

2 Rail Handrail is the ideal solution for areas of your mezzanine where light-duty protection is required.

Post Height:

Rail Height:

3 Rail With Kick Plate

Our 3 Rail handrails is designed to meet all BOCA, UBC, and IBC safety requirements.

Post Height:

Rail Height:

Types of Guarding

The Mezzanine Guy offers 3 turnkey solutions for your facility

Wilgard XT Guard Rail

Impact Rating:
13,000lb at 4mph

5in x 5in x 3/16in structural tube

Base Plates:
12in x 12in x 3/4in plate steel

12in high 11 gauge steel

Wilgard MT Guard Rail

Impact Rating:
10,000lb at 4mph

4in x 4in x 3/16in structural tube

Base Plates:
10in x 10in x 5/8in plate steel

12in high 12 gauge steel

Wilgard LT Guard Rail

Impact Rating:
Light Duty

3.5in x 3.5in x 3/16in structural tube

Base Plates:
7in x 7in x 3/8in plate steel

12in high 14-gauge steel

Wilgard XT Heavy-Duty Rack Protection

Half-Moon Head: 
12in H by 1/2in thick

4in W x 6in H x 1/2in thick

Wilgard MT Medium-Duty Rack Protection

Half-Moon Head:
8in H by 5/16in thick

3.5in W x 6in H x 5/16in thick

Wilgard LT Light-Duty Rack Protection

Half-Moon Head:
8in H by 1/4in thick

3in W x 5in H x 1/4in thick

Modular Offices

The Mezzanine Guy is proud to offer you the ability to take advantage of your space with our custom, pre-engineered, modular offices. Our modular offices are pre-cut and ready to install to save you time and money. We offer a wide variety of finishes and configurations to fit the needs of your facilities. From administrative offices to cafeterias and break rooms and everything in between, our modular offices are the perfect solution to your facility needs.

In connection with our partners over at The Freight Lift Guy, we offer a variety of lifts. Our Lifts help you maximize space and make your business more efficient. We offer a variety of lifts, from Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors to Dumbwaiters. Our Lifts are engineered with the customer in mind, built to last for years and customizable to your needs.

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